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2024 Week: 22
Minecraft Top 100 Resource Packs Week 22
Top 100 Resource Packs List

The 100 most popular Minecraft Resource Packs of the 22 calendar week are here after placement listed for you. The resource pack placement is calculated using the downloads from the previous week.

Position 25
Blue and Pink-FadePack
1 Review

Blue and Pink Deafault-EDIT by VeroxEnSk (Texturepack Edit)

Position 26
Purple Galaxy Sky Overlay
1 Review

Purple Galaxy Sky Overlay, made by MöchteGern

Position 27
Anti Darkness & Blindness
1 Review

contains clean water & lava and works best with Bamboobright 1.19 - vanilla (https://resourcep...

Position 28
GleichMitte Pack
10 Reviews

Offizielles Texturepack von Deutschlands bekanntesten BedWars YouTuber - GleichMitte!

Position 29
Skyline [16x]
3 Reviews

purple / orange 16x pack, same style like my other luv texturepack which blew up too. Hope y'a...

Position 30
laddergod priv [1k]
1 Review

laddergods private 1k pack

  • Creator: vonly
  • Uploaded: 2024/05/26
Position 31
6 Reviews

Altes Resourcepack

  • Creator: Awex ADMINISTRATOR
  • Uploaded: 2015/10/12
Position 32
Wichtiger - 30K Pack
21 Reviews

Today I'm showcasing & releasing the Wichtiger 30K Pack. Hope you enjoy & if you did then make...

Position 33
Blossom 128x
3 Reviews

Pink pack that is good for mlg rush and bedwars. Credits to xgh0nas

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