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Version 2.0

  • Server Hardware Upgrade
    • Better user experience at peak times
  • New Promotion System
    • Start your Promotion at a time you specify
  • Resourcepack Reviews
    • No more comments! Rate Resourcepacks with stars
  • Resourcepack Manager
    • Publish your Resourcepack at a time you specify
    • Add tags to your Resourcepack
    • Upload a new version of your Resourcepack without losing stats
    • New Categories
  • Resourcepack Search
    • Easier to navigate
  • Suggested Resourcepacks
    • The new algorithm now suggests various resource packs
  • Profile
    • Check out the new profile feeds!
  • Support
    • Problems? Visit our support center
  • Ranks
    • Premium ranks (Iron, Gold, Diamond) have been merged
    • Premium rank now forever
  • Coins
    • Coins are now cheaper, old coins have been multiplied to the new value
  • Affiliate program
    • The affiliate program has been removed
  • BastiGHG Subscriber Benefit
    • You now receive 1 month premium and 50 coins