Resourcepacks24 Trophy

Resourcepacks24 Trophy

Resourcepacks24 Creator received a unique award for reaching 1,000,000 downloads - the RP24 Award.

If you meet the requirements, you will receive a notification in the Resource Pack Manager within a week of reaching the milestone. After that, all you have to do is provide your delivery address and wait for your trophy.

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Our Millionaires

These creators have already reached the milestone and received their award.

BastiGHG Avatar
  • Member since: 2015/10/14
  • Reached: 2016/04/13
  • Trophy received: Yes
LikoRP24 Avatar
  • Member since: 2016/03/08
  • Reached: 2017/10/05
  • Trophy received: Yes
Mizzuri Avatar
Mizzuri MEDIA
  • Member since: 2016/12/23
  • Reached: 2017/11/18
  • Trophy received: Yes
Willoranger Avatar
Willoranger MODERATOR
  • Member since: 2016/07/11
  • Reached: 2018/06/12
  • Trophy received: Yes
Chrissuu Avatar
Chrissuu MEDIA
  • Member since: 2017/09/30
  • Reached: 2019/12/29
  • Trophy received: Yes

Upcoming Millionaires

The upcoming millionaires.

BlacklistYT Avatar
  • Member since: 2017/08/03
zulp Avatar
zulp MEDIA
  • Member since: 2016/05/05
Mynenix Avatar
Mynenix MEDIA
  • Member since: 2017/02/25
GleichMitte Avatar
GleichMitte MEDIA
  • Member since: 2016/05/06
byCull Avatar
  • Member since: 2015/10/27
Awex Avatar
  • Member since: 2015/10/14
MrmaZa Avatar
  • Member since: 2017/04/28
zHxpee Avatar
zHxpee MEDIA
  • Member since: 2017/07/27