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What is Resourcepacks24?

Resourcepacks24 is a website for Minecraft Resourcepacks / Resourcepacks. Everyone can create an account and upload their resourcepacks.

Register your account on the register page and confirm your e-mail. You can upload your resourcepacks afterwards.

You can download all resourcepacks for free. Select your desired resourcepack via the search and press the download button.

We take copyright seriously, so we're sorry that your resourcepack has been uploaded without your permission. Please contact us via the contact form (https://resourcepacks24.de/contact), so we can solve this problem together!

We analyze the downloads of all resourcepacks and if our system thinks a resourcepack is trending, it will appear on the trending / "resourcepack of the week" page.

In rare cases, our system saves data, so it may be that old data is displayed. Give the system 15 minutes to forget the old data and to update.

RP24 Mod

You can install the mod via the Badlion Client or LabyMod. Checkout the installation guides.

You can download all available resourcepacks on Resourcepacks24 with the minecraft modification.

Only resourcepacks in the modification that are set to "public" will be displayed. We also check each thumbnail / screenshot before releasing the resourcepack for the mod. You can check the status in your resourcepack editor.

If the API status on our status page (https://status.resourcepacks24.de) is "operational", the problem is situated on your side. Try uninstalling and reinstalling your modification. If it still does not work afterwards, contact our support.

The RP24 modification is currently only available for a few minecraft versions. If you're a developer and ready for a new project, check out our API documentation at https://resourcepacks24.de/api and get in touch with us.

You do not need a Resourcepacks24 account to use this mod. However, if you want to upload your own resourcepack you will need one.


If you want your resourcepack to be downloadable by everyone, your Resourcepack status must be set to "Public".

In some cases, your resourcepack image will not be changed immediately. It can take up to 5 minutes for your new image to appear everywhere. Please be patient if it is not changed immediately.

Premium rank gives you the option to update your resourcepack without uploading it again. To do this, go to your resourcepack manager. Navigate to "Update Resourcepack File". There you can upload your new .ZIP file.


As a normal user, you can rename your account every 30 days. If you're a premium user, you can rename it every day. Please note that we do not change names based on spelling mistakes.

Please be patient after purchasing a rank. After a successful payment, you will receive your rank within 5-10 minutes. If you have not received your rank after 30 minutes, please contact our support.

If you meet the media rank requirements you can request it here (https://resourcepacks24.de/application). The requirements are listed on the page.

If your account has not been created on the new website, you will need to reset your password using your e-mail address. You can do all that on this page (https://resourcepacks24.de/password/reset). If you no longer know your used email address, please contact our support.


If you buy a premium rank, you keep it forever.

After a successful payment, you will receive your rank within 5-10 minutes. If you have not received your rank after 30 minutes, please contact our support.

With a premium membership, you unlock great features, such as the Resourcepack Promotions.

You can apply for the Media Rank if you are an active youtuber / streamer. The rank requirements can be found on the application page.

Coins are virtual items that can be used on the site to promote resourcepacks. With a premium membership, you will receive a certain number of coins for free.

For organizational reasons, it is currently only possible to pay with PayPal. We will re-implement the Paysafecard payment method in the near future.

Reset your account.

We had to make a change to the hash function by switching to Resourcepacks24 2.0. This means that it is no longer possible to log in with the old passwords. Anyway, that's no problem, you can easily reset your password with your e-mail address or with your old password. If you do not remember your e-mail address, contact the support. In addition, all accounts which had no creator rank were deactivated. Please register again if you are affected.