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Resource Packs for Bedwars

In Bedwars, it's not just about the Minecraft blocks in the resourcepack. Due to the special rules of the game, in Bedwars, there are many different ways to edit the resourcepack in a striking manner.

Magenta Pack
4 Reviews

Magenta is an underrated color... ~ Rcfill

  • Creator: Rcfill
  • Uploaded: 2022/02/09
Sunset Pack [Orange Pink] [16x]
1 Review

Mashup Edit by Elemi_YT. Custom blocks and items custom inside the .zip. Based on the Dynamic ...

Strawberry Pack
5 Reviews

Strawberries by @Raupeee_

IceCave (128x)
1 Review

Dieses Pack ist ein Hellblaues Pack, das perfekt für Bedwars(CWBW), Skywars oder UHC geeignet ...

  • Creator: Zxnqu
  • Uploaded: 2020/06/22
Teemo 16x - Left to right Gradient
2 Reviews

Teemo 16x

stxcho 500 sub pack
2 Reviews

Thanks for 500 subs guys, you're amazing <3

  • Creator: stxcho
  • Uploaded: 2021/05/17
Katon [256x]
6 Reviews

Check out the youtube video:

  • Creator: aSoup
  • Uploaded: 2021/02/06
Elemisor 10k Blue Pack [16x]
1 Review

Special 10k Official Blue Pack. Inside the Texture Pack [Inside the .Zip file] There are extra...

Shixiq 600 sub Space Mixpack
1 Review

Tysm for 600 subs !!!! Have fun with the pack mixed by 2enc

  • Creator: shixiq
  • Uploaded: 2022/11/08