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Resourcepacks (23)
Plexity Pack
2 Reviews

A edit of Plexity Pack made by Vestre. Pack Review:

Vestre's Weed Mixpack
1 Review

A mixpack by Vestre made of a weed pack.

Vestre MixPack v2

Vestre MixPack v2 is the second version of a pack with some small changes.

Vestre v6

A pack made for CWBW & PvP.


DivusMaxiV1 edit by Tub3Zz Clan Uploaded because it's not on RP24, send me DM on Twitter f...

Verdant Pack
2 Reviews

A mixpack of a lot of packs. Mainly made by Vestre

Vestre Mixpack

Vestre Mixpack is a mixpack of different BW & PvP paclks.

1 Review

One of Titanium Bedwars clan's packs.

Vestre Mixpack v3

A mixpack out of different packs, based on Kampfi v3

Vestre Mixpack v4

A green mixpack for CWBW & PvP made by Vestre

Plexity 1k Pack

Uploaded the pack since it's not on RP24 and people asked about it. Credits goes to Plexity an...

Vestre v7

A mixpack for CWBW & PvP by Vestre


A mixpack by Vestre

Kinqdom V1

Kinqdom's v1. Uploaded it since it wasn't on RP24. Check him out on YT!

Halloween Pack
1 Review

A Halloween mixpack for CWBW made by Vestre & Zayp

Titanium v1

Titanium Bedwars clan's first resource pack.

Vestre Mixpack v3 Dark Sky

A mixpack based out of different packs.

Titanium Clan Resource Pack

Titanium HiveSG clan's Resource Pack


Made by ItsBronz

Zyptic's Black & White Pack

A old HiveSG legend's B & W pack


A clan resourcepack for the old HiveSG clan Eternity.


A resource pack made by ImPotetsau back in the days.

Snowland | Black & White Pack

Made by Snowland15.

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