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Skyline [16x]
3 Reviews

purple / orange 16x pack, same style like my other luv texturepack which blew up too. Hope y'a...

Other luv [16x]
3 Reviews

16x pack with some bright blue / pink colors. Inspired by looshy's back so check her out on yo...

Heroes Red [32x]
2 Reviews

32x Red Pack made for Factions, Swords inspired by an Pack used from "Gerlof", many textures o...

Mabbouu V2 [16x]
2 Reviews

Texturepack for the german Twitch Streamer Mabbouu by Sp3cter. Purple Themed, cutted swords an...

Heroes Originals [32x]
2 Reviews

32x Default Recolor of my "other luv [32x]" pack, The swords got an default length and the ove...

other Ultimate [16x]
2 Reviews

100.000 downloads pack, 50% default 50% black/white styled pack. 16x banger style trust me. Ho...

Black Panther [16x]
4 Reviews

Black 16x Pack for UHC-Factions, PotPvP, Skywars, Soup and Bedwars. Texturepack inspired by: "...

Other Shine [16x]
2 Reviews

16x default edit with default coloring too. Made for skywars & practice. Swords v nice so hope...

Other luv [32x]
2 Reviews

32x variant with short swords, basically a different version of my other luv 16x pack which ki...

Smooth (16x)
2 Reviews

Sehr cleanes und schmackhaftes 16x mixpack was ich mir gemacht hab. Einige Sachen sind auch se...

Anwesends Faction Pack [16x]
1 Review

zAnwesends 16x UHC-Factions pack with an red colortheme by Sp3cterUno, all textures for Factio...

BingBong (16x)
2 Reviews

Dias haben ein dunkles, ähnliches coloring wie Netherrite (aber weniger Sättigung der Farbe). ...

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