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Slayrox Sphax Edit
1 Review

A simple Sphax edit, textures are mixxed from the Sphax Hexxit RP.

Slayrox PvP Pack

This is a really high resolution RP with a many features, u will see! :D

Sphax Sword Updater

You can put it over every Resource Pack and it will update the swords into this swords! :D

Dikis Blue Fazon Edit v3

A fun made RP for a friend of mine, check it out! ;D

Sadboys UHC Pack

This is a Default Edit made for UHC. I like to hear music from Yung Lean thats the reason why ...

Gun Updater

You can change the bow into a gun with this RP, just put it over any RP! :)

#Nexit-2 (NexusPlays)
1 Review

Its a blue Defscape edit, enjoy it! :)

Marcels Hydra Pack

I hope you enjoy the different swords! ;)

Slayrox Default Edit

This is a HD Default Edit, enjoy it while playing Survival Games other Games. :)

Rexusion Sword Updater
1 Review

This is just a little Sword Updater, just put it over a pack and it will Update the swords! ;)

Sheltahns Update Pack v2

You can put this Pack over every other Pack, this is just a little Updater! :D

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