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Resourcepacks (17)
Dragonfruit 32x Revamp Pack
3 Reviews

A revamp of Latenci's Dragonfruit 32x Pack by HrX_Skyred

Hari 16x Pack
2 Reviews

A 16x version of Keno's Hari 32x Pack By SkyredHrX.

Limit 16x Pack
1 Review

A 16x version of Marxiist's Limit 32x Pack By SkyredHrX.

BluGray 32x Pack
1 Review

By HrX_Skyred

Tanjiro Pack
1 Review

By HrX_Skyred

Saber Alter 128x Pack
1 Review

By HrX_Skyred

WAR Remastered Pack

A Remaster Of The Original WAR Pack By HrX_Skyred

Chasetale 1K Pack
1 Review

A pack, made for Chasetale's 1K Subscriber Milestone, By SkyredHrX.

Indigo Pack
1 Review

By SkyredHrX

Filaceous Sky Overlay Pack
1 Review

Credits to Yuruze for the sky textures.

BSG 16x Pack
1 Review

By HrX_Skyred, For Beast Slayer Gaming

Asda 32x(but better)
1 Review

This is Asda 32x Pack, but it's slightly better made.

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