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Resourcepacks (8)
Wool Overlay
2 Reviews

It's a Wool Overlay for the textures used in many other Resourcepacks. The standard wool just ...

Mountainous [16x]
1 Review

I've been working on this to publish it here today! Have fun playing with my new Resourcepack:...

! Baumfault [16x]
1 Review

It's just a default pack for a friend. :]

Phenofault MixPack [16x]
1 Review

ENG: The Phenofault Mixpack is a 1.8.9 Default-Pack for every minigame! There are some texture...

! Baumfault 1.16

My friend also wanted a 1.16 Version of the original Baumfault :]

Phenofault 1.16
1 Review

ENG: It's the 1.16 version of my Phenofault Mixpack. There's some textures changed but not all...

Baum-Pack v2
2 Reviews

GER: Willkommen! Hier ist das Baum Pack v2 - Die Neuauflage des Baum Packs! Lad es dir herunte...

Baum Pack v1
1 Review

Ein Pack für den Baum. Manche Texturen von Jappa, Mattepacks oder AciDic BliTzz. Viel Spaß

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