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Resourcepacks (8)
iSparkton War Revamp (32x version)
1 Review

ginie1 - W.A.R iSparkton - W.A.R Revamp xephiz - W.A.R Revamp 32x

lithium 16x
1 Review

dark red 16x pack, mostly custom, credits are in pack folder <3

xephiz pacc Pack
1 Review

Blue and Black themed pack. Released on twitter:

No Limit Map 16 But Xephiz

For Screenshots check Full credit to @...

16x16Paradise REVAMP

Revamped version of Danteh's paradise pack

Xephiz Clean Pack

Plenty of custom things in this pack Even custom carrots


Blue and Gold themed pack made by @xephiz for @spookehdoom

Pydro 4000 Sub Pack
1 Review

A 256x Pack made for Pydro

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