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Level: 8





Resourcepacks (10)
64x Azert Purple Revamp
1 Review

A revamp of the purple edition of the Azert 64x pack by iSparkton

Luktendo v2
1 Review

My seccond 100 % selfmade Pack. Its a purple 16x16 Pack made for PvP. Both skys by me. Enjoy! ...

1 Review

Lifted Pack for GodLifted. Inspired by yKono. Dark-red Themed

Green Default Purple Edit

A purple version of the legendary "Green Default Pack by Danteh". The Pack was made for xFerre...

Azurine UHC Revamp

A revamp of the legendary Azurine UHC Pack

4 Reviews

A PVP Revamp of the Default look of Minecraft

Luktendo v1

My first custom Pack. 98 % selfmade. Smooth pack.

Luktendo v1 short swords

The short sword edition of the Luktendo v1

Luktendo v1 long swords

The long sword edition of the Luktendo v1

leVaces Private Pack

Private Pack von Luktendo für leVaces

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