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Resourcepacks (12)
Faithful Edit 1.8 by Jextra
1 Review

Faithful Edit Edited Swords, GUI, Particles

Bedwars Overlay Pack 1.8 512x
1 Review

Bedwars Overlay Pack 1.8: Edited Stick, Stick, Ingots, Brick, Diamond, Emeralds, Sandstone, Wo...

Fullbright Overlay Pack 1.8
2 Reviews

fullbright, no pumpkin blur

Soup-HG Overlay Pack 1.8
1 Review

Soup/HG Pack, Numbers in Hotbar, Pictures in Swords, by Jextra

Outlined Ores Overlay 1.16
1 Review

Outlined Ores

Green PVP Pack 16x

Green PVP Pack for Skywars, Soup PVP and more. Green Emeralds, outlined swords

512x Default Swords Edit Overlay
2 Reviews

512x Default edited Swords and effects(Gravur)

Short Swords 32x
1 Review

A 32x Faithful Texture Pack with short Swords! by Jextra

Trash HG Soup Pack

lol soup pack

1 Review

green pvp

Faithful Edited Swords Blue 1.8

A 32x Faithful Pack with shorter swords and blue handels. YT: JextraMC

JextraPack V1 Red 1.8

Youtube: JextraMC

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