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Resourcepacks (4)
Codrut White
1 Review

A White Pack unzip bc theres 2 packs with different sandstone

  • Creator: C0DRUT
  • Uploaded: 2023/03/15
Codrut Purple
1 Review

a purple pack with white sandstone unzip

  • Creator: C0DRUT
  • Uploaded: 2023/03/20
Codrut Mixpack V1
1 Review

A random mixpack i decided to make when i was bored unzip btw

  • Creator: C0DRUT
  • Uploaded: 2023/03/19
Codrut Green

A Green Mlg Rush Texture Pack But Looks Good In Other Gamemodes Too Unzip

  • Creator: C0DRUT
  • Uploaded: 2023/03/24

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