LabyMod Resourcepacks24 Mod

Resourcepacks24 Mod in LabyMod

Install the mod in just a few steps with the LabyMod installer

Install the Resourcepacks24 Mod with LabyMod

There are two ways to install the modification in Labymod:

1) New LabyMod installation
2) Install the Mod via LabyMod AddOn Manager

New LabyMod installation

  1. Download the newest LabyMod version - Go to the newest LabyMod version
  2. Open the LabyMod installer
  3. Choose your Minecraft version
  4. LabyMod Install Step 1
  5. Click on "Next"
  6. choose Resourcepacks24 and press "Install".
  7. LabyMod Install Step 2
  8. Et voilà, that was easy right? Enjoy the modification!

Install the Mod via LabyMod AddOn Manager

  1. Open your LabyMod Client
  2. Open Minecraft Options
  3. Go to the LabyMod Settings
  4. LabyMod Addon Install Step 1
  5. Open the AddOns tool
  6. LabyMod Addon Install Step 2
  7. Choose the Resourcepacks24 AddOn and install it
  8. LabyMod Addon Install Step 3
  9. Thats it, have fun with the mod!
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Questions & Answers

Something is unclear or do you just want to know more?

How do I install the Mod?

You can install the mod via the Badlion Client or LabyMod. Checkout the installation guides.

Which resourcepacks can I download with the RP24 mod?

You can download all available resourcepacks on Resourcepacks24 with the minecraft modification.

Why is my resourcepack not displayed in the modification?

Only resourcepacks in the modification that are set to "public" will be displayed. We also check each thumbnail / screenshot before releasing the resourcepack for the mod. You can check the status in your resourcepack editor.

The modification does not work for me.

If the API status on our status page ( is "operational", the problem is situated on your side. Try uninstalling and reinstalling your modification. If it still does not work afterwards, contact our support.

I need the modification for another Minecraft version.

The RP24 modification is currently only available for a few minecraft versions. If you're a developer and ready for a new project, check out our API documentation at and get in touch with us.

Do I need an account for this mod?

You do not need a Resourcepacks24 account to use this mod. However, if you want to upload your own resourcepack you will need one.