Minecraft Resource Packs (117)
Resourcepack Type
Purple-blue BWpack.exe
3 Reviews

A purple-blue Bedwars Pack with custom Sky, CTM and animated textures.

Meteor Pack
1 Review

"Meteor Pack" Das Pack ist eines meiner besten. Das Pack hat btw ein animiertes Inventar, Conn...

  • Creator: vpxnyy
  • Uploaded: 2021/03/26
6 Reviews

Pack im ZeroTwo Style. Bedwars/CWBW. Animated Inventory. showcase: https://youtu.be/DOc5ME51tYA

1 Review

Schwarz-Weiß-Stil mit animiertem Diamond Sword perfekt für HG und PotPvP, auch SG/UHC geeignet...

2 Reviews

Animiertes Default Edit in Anime Style Low-Fire,Swords,Bow,GUI,Items ,Paintings Ho...

Stoned [32x]
1 Review

by @skypowerYT for @Somix42 | Credits to NotroDan

Pain [128x]
4 Reviews

some old stuff release | blue theme | animated inventory

AnimePvP v1 {private} rf 1.8.9
5 Reviews

Anime texture pack! There are animated textures! And a lot of different things! {I apologize ...

  • Creator: ohLyaN
  • Uploaded: 2020/08/17
Maria private Pack
3 Reviews

CuteMarys private pack release | red theme / akame ga kill | animated inventory | credits to s...