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Texture Packs Trends
Trending Minecraft Texturepacks
Texture Packs Trends

Would you like to know what is currently popular in the Texturepack community? Then we have 500 hip Minecraft resource packs for you. The trend placement is calculated using the downloads from the past few days.

Position 25
! 1usedlove 16x iris pastel pack
1 Review

My resource pack is a 16x pastel purple / iris color, and is extremely clean. it has many pop...

Position 26
HintermanV1 x32

Dies ist ein Faithful Shortsword edit mit Custom Sky und Clearwater. Farbschema ist Galaxy

Position 27
Pink Vibes

Pink Vibes mixed by Nojay

  • Creator: Nojay
  • Uploaded: 2021/04/03
Position 28
! lightblue

lightblue by Endspiel

Position 29
Lemming v1 Mixpack
1 Review

Its my first Mixpack for Bedwars UHC and other Pvp Mods

Position 30
Holy Clan


Position 31
Position 32
ZeroTwo Mix V1

Das ist mien Zero Two Mix ist noch nicht fertig aber Kritik ist erwΓΌnscht: Twitter: @Sumaato_T...

Position 33
tauglich - Pack 1.8 RED

--- Default Edit mit rotem Theme --- 100% Selfmade (DANKE fΓΌr alle Downloads beim blauen Pack)

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