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Texture Packs Trends
Trending Minecraft Texturepacks
Texture Packs Trends

Would you like to know what is currently popular in the Texturepack community? Then we have 500 hip Minecraft resource packs for you. The trend placement is calculated using the downloads from the past few days.

Position 25
Grundlagen V1
2 Reviews

Blue pack by Grundlagen.

Position 26
Gh0sT 100k bedwars

here is my new bedwars pack h4ve fun

  • Creator: Gh0sT
  • Uploaded: 2021/06/04
Position 27
! §eYellowSunrise §c[x86]§f
2 Reviews

Good MLG resourse pack! Nice sky; blocks; stick; items and more

Position 28
Pink PvP Pack
1 Review

Hello, its me again with a new pack. Its good to play any mode. You will like it, if not, s...

Position 29
Telly 100K Pack (Red)

Telly 100k pack in red. Credits @Telly und co

Position 30
Soup-HG Overlay Pack 1.8

Soup/HG Pack, Numbers in Hotbar, Pictures in Swords, by Jextra

Position 31
2 Reviews

check out my twitch. everything selfmade.

Position 32
ZickZackV3 - Rainbow Pack 1.8 [SPECIAL EDITION]

Edit aus dem ZickZackV3 - Red Pack von kenkanashi und dem Wichtiger - 30K Pack von Chrissuu. ...

Position 33
Aqua 32x

The first texture pack after a long break

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