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(Reuploaded- Change pack.png picture) Hello! This is my Version 2 of my Gold/Galaxy Edit! More information will be given in a READ ME text file in my texture pack! Enjoy!

Hello, this is my Gold and Galaxy Default edit! In this pack, most PvP items and other things are mostly edited with a Gold tint and the diamonds have a galaxy feel to them. Overall I love the galaxy diamonds I made in this pack! - By the way, I have change my minecraft in game name to GoldCharmander, which is why this pack's name is not zGoldQG's Gold-Galaxy Edit.

This is my private version of my Revamped Gold Edit. It has much better shaded swords and dark-ish armor. I was not going to release this pack but, might aswell do it! Enjoy! (It's a Gold Edit by the way!)

Hello! This is a green edit of my revamped Gold edit! Most of the PvP textures in this pack is green and looks really colorful! Enjoy!