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Norwegian youtuber with over 7.5k subs. Part of pewpewGang & Team Believe. I am a bedwars & sg player (pack maker).


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This is a bedwars clan pack made for pewpewGang / Believe to theres 2k special by Nydlee (7.5k subs) & Lim3. This is a custom / mixed pack for bedwars, potpvp & uhc.

A bedwars pack by Team Believe aka Toxic / pewpewGang knowed on Gomme.

This is the first bedwars pack made for Team Believe that is now knowed as Toxic, -Emperium- & pewpewGang on the gomme nettwork. A oldschool bedwars and sg pack.

This is a bedwars pack for the clan Team Believe made for my 7000subs special <3 Hope you all wil enjoy it.