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2 years ago

Hello, this is my 150 subscriber pack (updated) I added more textures by myself such as the diamond items has a blue/purpleish shade in the border, and the middle is plain black. I think it looks really cool in game, Also after putting it in your resourcepack folder make sure to extract here.

This pack has a really cool looking kb stick, theres a double sided diamond axe, iron ladders, really clean block textures, the wool looks like the wool used in most packs, soo its pretty cool too, then the sky is nothing special, it looks like a normal sky with a lot of white clouds and also yes, this is my 150 sub special pack, soo hope u enjoy the pack :D

Hey everyone, this is my 100 subscriber special pack it is mainly made for bridging, the sandstone texture can be very useful for godbridge/moonwalk because it has bores in it. This is my first pack soo don't bully me if its not that good XD. Anyways, hope u guys like it :)