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Texture Packs for UHC

Minecraft Ultra Hardcore Games (UHC) is well known to most Minecraft PvP players. This game mode combines the basic essences of Minecraft PvP. To master it perfectly, a special PvP resourcepack is, of course, required. In this category you will find the most popular UHC resourcepacks.


1. Community Resourcepack, was LIVE im Stream von mir gemacht worden ist. Twitch: => twitch...

  • Creator: VTLST
  • Uploaded: 2016/01/01
kakao stf [64x]

made by txsu I @7txsu auf Twitter I Shop-Website: ALTS.RIP für qualitative Alts & Full-Access.

  • Creator: 7txsu
  • Uploaded: 2019/11/30
YourePingu - v2 | by me.

➤ YourePingu:

Prox Pack Mix v3
1 Review

3. Pack von Prox. Diesesmal kein Bedwars Pack.


This is a laag free Pack. Its a PokeDefault, it basics on the colors red, black and white like...

Prox Pack Mix v2

Bedwars Pack.

Pinq's Edit (32x Swords)

Version 1 vom Pinq Edit



1 Review

violettes CWBW texture pack by Ryu

  • Creator: 5yu MEDIA
  • Uploaded: 2019/01/23