How To Make A Saddle In Minecraft

There is hardly anyone who hasn’t played the iconic game Minecraft. After all, it’s a famous game in the history of computer gaming. This game’s accessible nature and simple interface have made it a quick hit among players of all ages.  This game’s gameplay system and controls are easy, but one must not think that this game does not have depth.

The beauty of this game is that each system flows flawlessly, which creates interdependence that is crucial for survival games. Remember that the users of this game have free rein over the world. That’s why players collect materials and other useful items to help them in the gaming world.

Among the essential tools, the crafting table and furnace come first. To successfully craft new items, players of this game need different resources from the surroundings, like crafting tables or furnaces. 

But a saddle is one such thing that cannot be made using these two things. And the saddle is the most popular item in the game. Users need it to ride different animals in Minecraft. So, now the question is how to make a saddle? Well, scroll down to get the answer. 


Why is a Saddle Necessary?

If you find a pack of horses running around, which you want to use for transportation, you need a saddle. Without it, you cannot ride a horse. And as we have already mentioned, creating it is not possible. So, you need to carefully find it while playing. 


Where to Find Saddles in Minecraft? 

Below are some popular ways to find saddles in both creation and survival modes. 


In Creative Mode 

Java Edition: Find saddle in the Creative Inventory Menu under Transportation. 

Pocket Edition: Under Tools/ Equipment 

Xbox One/PS4/Win10/ Nintendo/Edu: Equipment 


In Survival Mode 

Users can find saddles at different places in survival mode. These includes: 


Find A Chest In The Dungeon

While exploring the dungeon, you can find and add a saddle to your inventory. The underground dungeon has chests containing saddles, but it’s also the room with monster spawn points. 


Find A Chest In The Nether Fortress

Build a Nether portal to explore the realm and for transportation. Also, you can find chests in fortresses that have different items, including saddles and more. 


Get It From A Villager

Another way to find a saddle is to get it from a villager. But this can only be done if you have leveled up the villagers by trading with them to level three. To establish trading, you can purchase villager items from them. 



Lastly, you can get this item while fishing. For this, you need a fishing rod. Then cast your fishing line near the water resource. Although you can find a saddle using fishing, the chances are low. Therefore, try other ways to make a saddle.


Command Console 

If you feel like the entire process of searching for a saddle is overwhelming or if you are too lazy to find it, use the command console. This way is often seen as cheating, and it’s not best, but it’s better to cheat a little than to lose the game because a little cheating hurts no one. 


Things to do With Saddles

Once you have found a saddle, you can do quite a few things with it. Undoubtedly, its first use is for transportation. But besides this, the saddle can be put to multiple practical uses. You can use it to mount different mobs in Minecraft. These include mules, donkeys, pigs, horses, skeleton horses, and striders. 



If you are playing Minecraft and want to improve your game, you need a saddle. But as you know, creating a saddle is not an option. That means you need to find it through the ways mentioned above. And once you find them, try to bring them to maximum usage. 

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