Minecraft Resource Packs (50)
Resourcepack Type
Teal [512x]
2 Reviews

Simple and clean Minecraft Texture Pack made for UHC/Pot PvP. Based on the color teal. There...

CherryCake [64x]
2 Reviews

check out the yt vid. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8Oc9DcszI4&t=10s

  • Creator: aSoup
  • Uploaded: 2019/11/15
Bluebells [32x]
2 Reviews

Check out the yt vid. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UP0a1nbNow0

  • Creator: aSoup
  • Uploaded: 2019/12/20
Fujiiro [16x]
1 Review

Check out the yt vid. youtube.com/watch?v=wWDcFXMSNHo

  • Creator: aSoup
  • Uploaded: 2020/02/01
1 Review

Das Texturepack geht in die violette Richtung. Die Items haben eine Auflösung von 128x128, die...

  • Creator: Zaffyr
  • Uploaded: 2020/02/02
Teal [128x]

Downscaled version of the original Teal [512x to 128x]. Simple and clean Minecraft Texture Pa...

5 Reviews

16x Cyan Pack by Vxne

  • Creator: Vxne
  • Uploaded: 2020/05/16

Amaranth32x für UHC, HG, SG, Pot PVP und noch viele mehr!


It is a High Resolution Pack in a green theme for Soup PvP, Pot PvP UHC and Survival Games Re...