Due to recent downtimes

Hello everyone, as you may have noticed, there have been many downtimes of resourcepacks24 in the past few weeks. The problem which led to a failure of the service has been fixed by our server host.

Bugs bugs & more bugs

Hello everyone, we have recently made a server migration to a more powerful server. The change has changed a lot, so it may be that one or the other thing does not work. We invite all creators to report these bugs to us. For every unreported bug you will receive a reward of 100 RP24 Credits, credits can be used to promote your resourcepack. Please do not forget your RP24 username! All reports can be sent to [email protected] In addition, we ask you to re-upload your resource packs that you have uploaded in the last 48 hours and are not downloadable. Unfortunately, we can not recover the lost resourcepacks. Many Thanks.

Resourcepacks24 2.0

Dear Creators, we are in the process of creating Resourcepacks24 from scratch. There will be a lot of new things coming to you, such as a Creator Shop where you can offer your services as a Resourcepack Creator. More information will be announced soon.

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