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Why Resourcepacks24?

Why should you upload your resourcepacks to resourcepacks24?

1. Upload your resourcepack to the biggest PvP resourcepack website worldwide!
2. High Downloadrates - Become famous with your resourcepacks!
3. Minecraft Mod - Download your resourcepack ingame with our Minecraft MOD!
4. Participate in SMYP (Show me your pack by BastiGHG) - YouTube Resourcepack series
5. Earn real money with your resourcepacks!*
6. Upload up to 50 Resourcepacks (each max. 100 MB) for free!
7. We do not deleted Resourcepacks. You know it, you upload a resourcepack to a upload portal and they delete it. No more!
8. Earn a reward! Learn more about it

* You can earn real money with your Resourcepacks if you have over 50.000 total Downloads on Resourcepacks24. Just join the partner program and earn real money!
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The Rules

Upload only Minecraft Resourcepacks, everything else will be deleted..
If you want to use files from other creator, ask them to use their f iles. If you do not have the permission, it is only allowed to release the resourcepack at unlisted.
Only release G-rated content otherwise use the function unlisted.
Its not allowed to use Clickbait in thumbnails or screenshots.
Have fun!